4 Lessons Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Blaze Be Your Own Boss


The show Be Your Own Boss has been on-air for a while now, chronicling the journey of 12 contestants as they learn the fundamentals of business from Kenya’s business gurus. Mentoring the young crew is Caroline Mutuko, King Kaka and Trushar Khetia who provide a wealth of knowledge to the young entrepreneurs.


The show has covered essentials like promotion, pricing and product knowledge as keys to success to a flourishing business. There are a few lessons anyone can learn:


1.Respect Authority

When working with others, especially so others in a superior position it is important to show respect. Disrespectful behavior could be the undoing for a young entrepreneur. When working with a mentor, appreciate the advice given even when it may not sit well with you. Always beware of your position and be open to the gems of wisdom you could gain from others.


2.Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

Learning to work together with others is an important aspect of socialization. A popular African proverb says, ” if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with people.” Teamwork makes light work of the task at hand, so learn to work with others. Dealing with various personalities in a team could test your patience. It is important that a leader strikes the balance between being domineering and being too laid back with the team.


3.Time Wasted Is Never Recovered

Time management could be the deciding factor on when a task in completed on time. Ensure that time is always on your side rather than time working against you.


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4.You Are Your Own Brand

When working with others, remember that you are your own brand. How you conduct yourself and how others respond to you is vital to how you are perceived as a brand. Ensure that no matter the job, you remain true to yourself.





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