4 Essentials Every Job Seeker Should Highlight In Their Resume


In any white-collar job,  a curriculum vitae is a crucial document that provides comprehensive knowledge on potential employees. Though employees may not read through the entire resume, there are four aspects that could get any potential employee the job.



Not every organization employs people relative to their education level. The phrase “the more educated you are the bigger the job you get’’ doesn’t always apply. A company in need of accountants will likely hire CPA holders than MBA or B.com levels. Some companies will be interested in someone who can deliver rather than education level.


2.Work Experience

Experience levels are always an added advantage. Skills learned from previous jobs could help a job seeker get the job. Always include your work experience to demonstrate the value you stand to provide to the potential employer.


3.Employment Status

How frequently do you switch jobs? What are the reasons for that change? A CV that indicates regular job changes from one organization to another could raise eyebrows among potential employers. The employer may wonder why you never settle on one particular job. In such a scenario, explain the frequent job changes to avoid having the inconsistencies held against you.



In this competitive economy, employers will be hooked on how much you have achieved in your previous jobs. Show your distinctive ability by clearly outlining your achievements. This could be numerically demonstrated.


It is important to note inconsistencies, and avoid dwelling on them. Any gaps in employment, education, and achievements could have you loose out on a job. The resume could appear questionable and could trigger questions about a potential employee’s job focus or their ability to write up a simple resume.


To ensure you get the job, look out for these factors every job-seeker should consider.



This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Willie Blair.








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