4 considerations to make to overcome anxiety while dating


Anxiety makes you overthink, over analyze and create situations in your head of all possible scenarios that will go wrong in the future. It makes you live in constant fear and unsure of your partner. They might have shown all the good signs of how much they want you forever but you just can’t control anxiety. Having said that, here are 4 ways to deal with anxiety:

1. Admit to your partner you have anxiety
It is embarrassing to admit that you are insecure and paranoid most of the times but if you don’t, your relationship is as good as dead from day one. Your partner can’t figure out why you act so clingy even when he or she explains things to you. Save them the frustration and tell them about your anxiety issues at the earliest stage of the relationship possible. This is to save yourself unnecessary heartache in case they think it is too much and bailout. If you are lucky they will decide to stay. After all, they don’t want to lose you ever.

2. Invest in them as much as they invest in you
Someone once said if you are getting into a relationship to receive and not to give you are not ready for a relationship. In your constant state of worry and insecurity, your partner is doing everything possible to support you and make you feel confident enough. This might give you the feeling of having a laid-back character in the relationship where you just wait to receive and give nothing. Shower them with as many compliments as they do to you. Show them as much care. Be their rock when they need one. That brings balance so your partner does not feel like a support pillar that gets nothing in return.

3. Understand it’s not easy for them either
Honestly, it’s not easy to be a pillar for someone with anxiety. It’s hard work that deserves recognition and appreciation. Don’t take what they say or do for you for granted. Remember they would have chosen. Any other person who has low levels of anxiety, whom they don’t have to assure all the time. Guess what? They didn’t, they chose you against all of them. That’s something you can’t take lightly. You’ll have to appreciate and be more supportive and understanding of them too. As much as you have low moments, they have theirs too. At those low moments for them don’t turn them about you, rather make me feel your support.

4. Don’t push them away
While anxiety pumps you with all the energy to push your partner away. Do not do it. Most of the time you push them away because you are afraid they’ll eventually leave. But if you told them about your anxiety and afew months down the line they are taking it well and doing what it takes to keep you, try not to push them away. They are doing their best. There will be moments when they’ll make mistakes but think of how far you’ve come. You can’t control anxiety but you can try to limit it. In case you feel insecure just air your insecurities and sort them together. Doing that together with strengthen you as a couple and lessen the urge to push your partner away.

There is no definitive way of erasing anxiety but it can be controlled to a certain level. What you have to do is be more open and understand your better half. Communication is key, never forget that.



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