4 aspects of a relationship to consider before getting married


As a relationship grows into a marriage, partners often have to evaluate what they value in a lifelong partner. Often, only after marriage does one get to know the true person they call their ‘partner’.

Here are four things to look to for in your partner before you decide to get married:

1.Ability to compromise
Mutual understanding is always the main backbone of every happy relationship. Compromise is an essential component of a loving relationship that is not selfish but rather thrives in equal sacrifice. It helps both sides to better understand their partner and probably appreciate them much more.

2.The relationship with their parents
Many only reveal their best selves to their partner, hiding what they dislike most about themselves. This often leads to strain in a relationship as their partner makes certain discoveries. This can sour a relationship. It’s good to know your partner’s relationship with their parents, siblings, and friends to avoid troubles in your marriage. It provides context for the relationships that your loved one holds dear.

3.Common Cents
It’s always good to weigh up everyone’s ideas and principles on money matters before proposing marriage. A well-considered approach on what money is shared between both partners and what is not will help you to choose wisely before it becomes too late. Reaching an understanding of money matters is essential to a great relationship after tying the knot.

4.Friends and Foes
It’s always good to interact with your partner’s friends, to better understand a different side of their personality. This will allow you to engage with your partner in different settings, strengthening your bond and improving your relationship.


This article was written by Amos Kipchumba.



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