4 affordable dates that will impress her


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Despite contrary belief, women do appreciate honesty. So if you a young struggling student, you do not have to spend thousands while on a date because we all understand going on dates are an expensive affair.

There are ways around your budget constraints and you can have a lovely time with your significant other without going broke.

Many students only have a few coins to last them through the week, unlike the Beibers of this world with millions in the bank; we have to discover how to have fun with little or no money. Here are some simple cheap dates that will not leave your wallet empty and will definitely earn you points from an honest, simple girl.

1. A day at the park

 This may sound very cliché but this idea has actually been proven to work. From times of old, our parents went for dates at Uhuru Park and enjoyed pedaling the boats or better yet a picnic under the shade of a tree. So if you ever needed validation to ask your lady to go to the park, here it is.

However, I must warn you that you should be aware of the type of chic you are asking out and the type of date your plan to prepare for her. A more outgoing personality would be interested in a day in the park, hiking and a simple picnic. So if you are looking for some interesting spots apart from Uhuru Park, you could also visit Oloolua Trail in Karen, Karura forest, Safari walk or even the Arboretum.

2. Simple food for simple people

You could skip the expensive dinner date and instead offer to cook for her, and encourage her to help. Cooking is known as being a very romantic activity for a couple to do together, so this could help you carry favor with the lucky lady. But it’s not ideal for the first dates. You have to win her trust in open, public places before she comes to your house. Prepare a simple meal like chicken and rice that will not take long to prepare and will not leave you penniless. I would advise that you start practicing early because you definitely do not want to serve burnt offerings.

3.Visit a museum

This is the perfect date for a couple that shares a passion for art. Research indicates that a couple that experience new activities together are happier. Museums charge a minimal fee and having an opportunity to view great art together allows the couple to share a new experience together. It is also a great way to reveal the intellectual side of a person, which will help the couple relate on a different level on an intellectual level. There are many public museums and galleries in Nairobi and major cities. You just need to think outside the box.

4. Paying it forward together

Giving back to charity is an admirable thing to do together. Visiting a children’s home or a children’s ward is a great way to help others and boost your happiness levels. Many homes always lack volunteers so instead of spending money on a movie why not lend a helping hand at a charitable cause. Some places you may want to visit include Nyumbani’s Children’s Home or New Life Home in Karen.



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