3 Ways you could do your part in World Environmental Day 2018


World Environmental Day is being celebrated today on the 5th of June 2018.

The day’s theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” is focused on highlighting the effects of plastics on the environment and animal kingdom that inhabit our planet. The day calls on all individuals to change habits to embrace other bio-degradable products in a bid to curb plastics pollution.

Here are a few ways you could do your part to beat plastics pollution:

1.Re-use plastic bottles

We often buy bottled water and in the process use plastic bottles, each time we consume the water contained in it. To reduce your contribution to plastics pollution, re-use plastic bottles, or better still use a glass bottle. Re-using plastic bottles can help reduce the number of plastics in the environment, a small fete towards reducing plastic pollution.

2. Avoid using plastic straws

Plastic straws make up a big part of the world’s plastic pollution. With more marine wildlife choking on plastic in our oceans, it is important that we all do our part to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in our environment. Using paper straws is a more sustainable way to ensure the environment is safe from pollution. Next time you enjoy a soda, skip the straw and use a glass cup instead.

3. Keep your immediate environment clean

Your home, school, and community are your responsibility. To keep your environment clean, take initiative and organize a community clean up. To make the one-day affair sustainable, organize for a plastic- recycling system. Sometimes, taking initiative and following through could make the life of our wildlife so much richer.



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