3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Last Minute Reading


With the start of a new semester, there are a few ways anyone could make the most of a few hours before a test to ensure they avoid failing. As students, many often forget a scheduled test or even chose to enjoy a night out instead of a night of studying, but with choosing to study smart, your last minute reading could benefit you greatly.


1.Short Study Sessions Make More Impact

Long sessions burning the midnight oil are said to have little impact on how much a student remembers. To make the most of the time before your test, schedule short sessions where maximum concentration is applied to understand and internalize the course content.


2. Pick One Aspect To Focus On

With a limited time before the test, spreading out one’s time across various subject topics could hurt one’s chances of learning one aspect well. Instead, it is recommended that students should dive into one topic and cover it thoroughly and move on to the next, within the short study sessions.


3. Eliminate distractions

When hoping to make the most of a study session, it is paramount to make the most of the time. Eliminating all distractions whether it be your cell phone, loud music, or rowdy students could ensure that the content you are reading resonates with you. Make your sessions productive and comprehensive to ensure you truly understand the content and are able to pass the test.

There are also a few more study tips anyone could employ to ensure you ace the test.



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