3 videos where Diamond Platnumz shows off his millions in diamonds


Diamond Platnumz might as well be ‘Richy Rich.’

The Bongo artist from Tandale was reported worth $4Million in 2016, this figure must have skyrocketted since then. According to SDE, “the Make Me Sing hit-maker recently revealed to E! TV that his net worth – a whopping $4 million (KSh405 million), placing him as one of the wealthiest artists in Africa.” Now an established name on the continent, the Wasafi Records propriotor continues to make hits, and rack in the cash.

Known for his flambouyant style, Diamond is not averse to showing off his diamonds in videos. Whether its a subtle neckpiece, or a statement watch, Diamond Platnumz is always drapped in diamonds and gold.

Here are the top 3 videos that show just how rich Diamond really is:

3.Kwangwaru feat. Harmonize

Diamond brought back the grill… and made it look sexy.

2. African Beauty feat. Omarion

The opening credits of this video show Diamond drapped with stunning jewelry that shines bright… there’s nothing quite like diamonds, just ask Platnumz.

1.  Jibebe – Wcb wasafi ft Diamond Platnumz & Mbosso & Lavalava –

Watches, rings and even some a custom Wasafi Records necklace all feature in Diamond’s outfit. If the fit was to stand out, Platnumz delivers glitz by the boatload.



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