3 Tips to Get the Paycheck You Deserve


As graduation nears, it is expected that graduates will soon hit the pavement in search of employment. As you enter the work force, confidence and a bit of research can make all the difference in the salary you negotiate for yourself. Accepting that the simple life you once enjoyed in university has now come to an abrupt end and will only be a distant memory is important. Kick start your career, beginning on the right foot as you get the right job for you with the right salary to accommodate your needs.

Do your research

According to an article USACollegeToday, doing your homework can make all the difference. Learning about industry rates and the starting salary for an intern your particular industry can save many recent graduates heart ache. Despite contrary belief, most graduates do not earn much until a few years on the job. However, it is important to know how much most firms pay their new recruits. Joining a firm fresh from college assumes that you will receive entry-level pay. It is important to know what is the basic pay and if you expect to interview for a higher position; learn what the appropriate compensation should be. A little knowledge allows you negotiate a better salary from a point of information.

Ask, Ask, Ask

After your preliminary interview, it is key to ensure that in the second or third interview you find out about the salary range. Information on the salary range will allow you to gauge if the salary is sufficient for your needs and the budget the company has allocated for the position.  This is also beneficial information when negotiating a better offer. In asking, you just might receive the pay increase you are hoping for.  However, it is important to ask politely without seeming to too eager.  The Human Resource executive will inform you of the range and this is a great starting point for discussions on the salary and benefits that the company could provide.


Don’t be specific

Based on the information on the Human Resource Executive provides, you could also give information on a range that suites you. Based on the range offered by H.R you could then share your desirable salary.  It is important to justify the salary. Include the requirements of the job, expectations as well as what benefits you could provide the company. Remember that there is someone who could always do the job for less pay, but being informed and reminding the organization what value you could add is always a key factor to consider. Include your expertise and previous experience to showcase the benefit you could provide the organization to get the salary you deserve.



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