3 Times Bruno Mars Delivered Epic Throwback Tracks For Millennials


Hawaiian stunner Bruno Mars continues to deliver great music peppered with plenty of throwback references. His latest release “Finesse” featuring Cardi B is no different, with Bruno reminding all the 90s babies, why the 90s was a great era to be alive.

Here are the top 3 times Bruno Mars nailed throwback references and had fans traveling to a different time:

3. Treasure

The track which kicks off in the classic Earth, Wind and Fire intro. The track is a tribute to the 70s if ever there was one. The visuals are reminiscent of the signature style associated with the 1970s, incorporating disco balls, outfits that included gold medallion chains, flared trousers and an ample dose of leopard print, it is easy to think its 1975. The composition of the track is heavily reliant on the basics of the 70s funk sound that features heavy bass guitar sound and blaring horns. Mars definitely created a classic song.

2. 24K Magic

Heavily influenced by the Isley Brothers, The Temptations, Elvis Presley and Micheal Jackson; Bruno’s music carries the same themes, and his 2016 release 24K Magic is inspired by these musical greats. The hit song 24K Magic has received several award nominations including Grammy nomination Record of the Year 2018. The track that delivers lots of funk and R&B features a heavy bass and tempo that is full of nostalgic feels, reminding many of the sound and style of Kool & the Gang.


The latest release from the 24K Magic album, titled Finesse is a collaboration between the hunk and New York rapper Cardi B. The track is an ode to the 1990s with special considerations made to give off the look of the iconic show “In Living Colour”.The track is all things the 90s with everyone styled in the best of 90s colorful fashion and jewelry. The video featured variations of the legendary dance moves from the 1990s including the the running man, mashed potato, Humpty dance and the slide. With an intro and beat heavily influenced by Bell Biv DeVoe’s- Poison, the track Finesse is undoubtedly a celebration of the 90s.


Basically, if there was ever any doubt how is the king of throwbacks, it’s confirmed to be Bruno Mars!




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