3 Lessons Kenyan DJs learnt from Jazzy Jeff’s performance


Renown deejay Jazzy Jeff recently performed in Kenya. Giving a thrilling performance, it was clear that DJ Jazzy Jeff was of a different time in the art of deejaying. Here are a few lessons Kenyan deejays learned from Jazzy Jeff.

1.DJ Adrian – Let your craft speak for itself

Among the many in attendance at the concert, DJ Adrian appreciated Jazzy Jeff’s skill. A powerhouse within the Kenyan music industry, DJ Adrian has been a mainstay for over 18 years. In an interview with Capital Campus, he said appreciated how Jeff “sampled old and new songs.” He went on to highlight, “one thing that impressed me about him is that he has a hype a man, he never speaks on the mic- he lets his skills do the talking.”

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2.W DJ – Let your set tell a story

W DJ also had lots to say about the talented Jazzy Jeff. Watching from the audience,  W noted that “deejaying does not only involve mixing two songs well.”  To become a legend such as Jazzy Jeff, there is a level of talent and creativity that accompanies such iconic status. He went on to add, ” Jazzy Jeff let his set tell a story,” his arrangement took the audience on a journey through the 1980s, 1990s and today.

3. DJ Protege- Dare to be different

Among Kenya’s premier electronic dance music deejays, DJ Protege has created a niche for himself. Proteje was also in attendance, and shared his excitement after watching the legendary deejay. DJ Protege acknowledged that Jazzy Jeff made a deliberate effort to be different. Protege explained, ” Jazzy Jeff took a different direction,” and took the crowd with him. The audience was entertained and thrilled  with Jazzy Jeff’s mixes all night long.



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