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20 injured after Strathmore University Terror drill



NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 30 – A mock terror drill conducted at the Strathmore University Monday afternoon has left several students injured.

The security drill conducted at about midday sent panic across the country, after students and staff at the university made frantic calls saying there was a terror attack at the institution.

The drill was coordinated by Administration Police officers, without the knowledge of officers at the Lang’ata police station who were only informed as it got underway.

Nairobi Police chief Japheth Koome however, says all protocols were followed in the security drill, which he says was meant to gauge preparedness in case of a terror attack there.

“Strathmore Drill Update: Unconfirmed no. of casualties reported.2 ambulances dispatched to support with the evacuation of casualties to hospital,” a statement from the Kenya Red Cross Society said.

Gunshots were heard at the institution which made scared student scamper to safety.

According to reports, a number of blasts and several gunshots made students run and take cover and in the process, several of them were injured.

News that it was a drill was received with criticism as students and staff said they should have been pre-warned and alerted on what protocols to follow in such an incident.

On social media, commentators faulted the organisers saying the exercise was poorly coordinated and it failed to attain its objectives.

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