3 Hashtags Kenyan Youth Are Using To Preach Peace This Election Period


The general elections  slated for 8th August 2017, have seen different members of society participating in civic education, surprisingly the youth have also taken an interest in the elections. The Kenyan youth have also been proactive in spreading messages of peace and unity. Social media is the most prominent platform that has been used, given that roughly 12Million Kenyans are online.

Here are few ways young Kenyans are promoting harmony ahead of the elections:

This has been one of the most powerful campaigns targeting the youth. The whole point is that young people should vote in leaders who will bring positive change. The hashtag, which has been active on Twitter and Facebook for a while now, also reminds the young that we are a nation united under so many tribes and thus violence based on ethnic and tribal lines should not be a cause for division, calling for zero tolerance to violence. Shikoh Kihika is the 23-year old Moi University student and the brains behind the non-profit Tribeless Youth movement. She also seats on the Nakuru County Peace Committee as a civil society representative.

This hashtag that has been making rounds mostly on Instagram and Twitter, is another one promoting peace among youngsters. People share short videos of why peace is important and fire up the conversation around the necessity of unity especially at a time like this. Mayuu, an artist with Bendi Huru, is the young chap behind the hashtag. Speaking to a Capital Campus Correspondent, he said “the Kenyan youth have a special place in fostering peace. The youth are freer from association with the excesses of tribalism which are the major basis of violence in Kenya. Thanks to the amount of exposure and interaction among youth across the cultural demographic, negative stereotypes are erased and diversities are celebrated. The #Chills4Peace campaign stands for the belief that through the youth, it is possible to have peace among Kenyans. If the Kenyan youth can stand in one voice to say we want peace it is possible to achieve it.”

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This campaign has gone viral on Facebook through the page, Changamka 254. The page shares messages of unity and gives the youth some education on the electoral process. One of their campaign videos provides information on what to expect at polling stations for first-time voters. They also carried out a great campaign to urge the youth to participate in voter registration. This non-profit organisation has is youth drive evenengaging in campus tours.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Anthony Mbugua.



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