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World biggest Uni to make Kenya Africa HQ


The Indira Gandhi National Open University, the world’s biggest University by student enrollment, is considering making Kenya its Africa headquarters. The University, which is based in India, has a total of 3.5 million students spread in 40 countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Gambia.


However, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGOU) is also considering Ethiopia to host the Indo-Africa Virtual University.


The main campus of IGOU is in South of Delhi but has 2,600 learning centres that teach thousands of students from different countries plus many more signed up in virtual campuses.


The main Campus is relatively small compared to the student body.  Approximately 20 per cent of all students enrolled in higher education in India are enrolled at the University.


Kenya’s biggest University –University of Nairobi – has an approximated student population of 50,000. The University of Phoenix, the biggest University in the US, has a student enrollment of 400,000.


The National Open University, also known as The People’s University, was established to educate middle class and poor students by means of distance and open education.


The admission at the Indira Gandhi Open University is not competitive, but the schools offer a range of programs, including masters and doctoral degrees.


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