22-Year-Old African To Make Ksh5.8B Premier League Transfer


After the closure of the transfer window, it is safe to say many clubs did not spare any expense in getting various players to complete their teams. Among the more notable transfers includes the Belgian player Romelu Lukaku who is set to move from Everton to Manchester United as well as Nemanja Matic who is also set to join the team from Chelsea.

For this season’s transfer expenses, it seems pockets were deep and cash was no issue. Among the many transfers that occurred this year is, Naby Keita. At only 22, the young¬†Guinean is set to join British club Liverpool from the German club, RB Leipzig.

A midfielder known for his dribbling skills and goal scoring finesse, it seems Keita is set to revive Liverpool and inject new energy into the team.In a recent interview with the Liverpool website, Naby said: “I am delighted that an agreement has been reached which will allow me to join Liverpool Football Club next summer when I will become part of a project that excites me greatly.”

Though Klopp’s Liverpool may have shelled out ksh5.8B for Kieta, he can only join the club on July 1, 2018. Until the conclusion of the current season, Keita continues to play for the German side, RB Leipzig.


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