21 Nairobi Aviation students arrested in demo after NTV’s expose on fake certificates



Police have opened fire and lobbed tear gas to disperse students from Nairobi Aviation College who are protesting against NTV for airing an expose on alleged fake certificates offered by the institution.

At least 21 students have been arrested and taken to the Central Police station following the protests that started at 9 am.

The students pelted stones at the media house, destroying property before they were repulsed by police but they quickly regrouped and went back there.

The rowdy students have also roughed up journalists covering their protests, accusing them of spoiling their future by painting their college in bad light.

An expose about the college was aired last night, sparking outrage from the students who say it is likely to limit their chances of getting jobs. Police have taken bags full of stones to be used as evidence against students arrested.



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