Are These 2017’s Most Slept On Kenyan Tracks ?


This list countdowns the top 5 tracks released in 2017 that deserved much more props than they got. Sometimes, with lots of music out at once, some tracks and the associated artists do not get the credit that is due to them. So Capital Campus thought why not give them a shout out.

Here are the top 5 slept on tracks of 2017:

5.Rigga – Lovin254Always

Rigga, a Gospel act is known for his music that is not too preachy. With a unique experimental sound, Rigga has made a name for himself in the industry. A trained lawyer, Charles Righa, aka Rigga released the track Lovin254Always on October 29th, 2017. With only 5.7K views on YouTube, it’s clear that the track deserves much more recognition for its creative, patriotic theme.

4.Phy – Siwezani

Since her critically acclaimed track “Taboo” Phy has been busy in the studio cooking up some new melodies. A Maisha Superstar winner,  Mwihaki Ng’etich has featured various stages across the world performing a string of hit songs including “Ruka” “Shugli” and others. The track “Siwezani” was released on September 28th, 2017 and has only racked up 40K views. Her angelic melodies and lyrical content definitely deserved to more celebrated.

3.Mayonde feat. Stonee Jiwe – Nairobi

Getting her start in a high school singing group “Jesus Freaks,” Mayonde has come a long way. The stunning beauty has performed on various stages, and also featured on various projects including Master Peace International Concert Amsterdam 2014 and more recently the World Youth Forum in November 2017. The songwriter and guitarist collaborated with Stonee Jiwe, and the clever lines and smooth rhythms made the March release “Nairobi” a sure winner.


2.Nyashinki – Hayawani

A former member of the supergroup Kleptomaniax, Nyashinki made a great comeback after many years away from the music industry. With fresh releases such as “Mungu Pekee,” and “Malaika” among others, Nyashinski was recognized for his versatility and musical capabilities with a nomination for the Best African Act at the2017 MTV European Music Awards. In the aftermath of awards season, Nyashinski seems keen to end 2017 on a high with the release of “Hayawani.” However, it seems that the creative liberties he took were not appreciated by many. Nonetheless, the track garnered lots of attention.

1. Sanaipei Tande – Amina

Sang in Swahili, the track “Amina” release in August 2017 not only showcases Sanaipei’s powerful voice but also her songwriting capabilities. The track that is inspired by true life events had many raving over Tande’s vocal range. More importantly, the track re-introduced the Kenyan audience to her unique talent. The track is arguably the most powerful tracks of the year 2017.



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