2015 schools and colleges calender released


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The Education Ministry has approved term dates for schools and colleges for the 2015 school calendar. In the circular, primary and secondary schools will open on January 6 in first term and close on April 10.

Learning will resume on May 4 for second term which will run up to August 7. The third term will commence on September 13 and run up to November 13. The official teaching and learning in 2015 will last for 39 weeks.

“The entire official teaching and learning period will, as in other years, take 39 weeks, with first and second terms taking 14 weeks each, while 3rd term, traditionally the shortest term, will take 11 weeks.”

Colleges will open and close for their first and second terms, on the same dates as primary and secondary schools. But it will be different for the third term which will start on September 7 and end on November 20.

Tuition during school holidays was banned by the ministry and schools are expected to adhere to the national calendar of schools.



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