20 university students arrested for leaking KCSE papers


class examTwenty university students are among those who have been arrested for examination irregularities in the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCPE) examinations.

Kenya National Examination Council Chief Executive Officer Paul Wasanga stated that the university students were caught while trafficking examinations material to school heads and teachers for a fee.

Speaking ahead of the Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education (KCPE) examinations set to begin on Tuesday, Wasanga indicated that the offending students were from public universities across the country.

“We had one from the University of Nairobi, another from Egerton who was sending extracts of question papers to a Principal all the way in Makueni County,” he stated.

“We have twelve people from Kisii University who were also found sending extracts of examinations. Private universities have also not been left out; in Mt Kenya University, a student was caught with extracts of questions sending them to some place in Embu County,” he said.

He revealed that apart from the university students, ten teachers and school heads have been nabbed after having engaged in examination irregularities.

“In another case, a supervisor opened a CRE (Christian Religious Examination) paper in advanced and made a photocopy of that paper to disseminate to some people and then sealed it again with some cello tape,” he said.

The KNEC boss in the meantime stated that 48,200 security personnel have been deployed to examination centers across the county ahead of the KCPE examinations.

Wasanga explained that the officers drawn from the Administration police and even the CID will help in ensuring that the exercise to be undertaken by over 800,000 candidates proceeds without a hitch.

He stated that they will be on the look out for any kind of disruptions during the examination as including arrest of those who are found with any leakages or who engage in examination malpractices.

“This year, we have about 844,000 candidates with 906 candidates from Nuba Mountains in Southern Sudan.The examination was flown out yesterday and a few of my officers have gone to ensure that these examinations are undertaken under good conditions in that part of the country,” he said.

He said that the security personnel are part of 132,000 professionals who include supervisors, invigilators, and examiners.

“We are going to have 132,187 contracted professionals to manage these examinations – supervisors, invigilators, security personnel as well as examiners who will mark the examinations. The marking of the exams itself is going to begin around the 24th or 25th of December and live marking will definitely begin on the 26th. That is our plan,” he said.

While wishing the candidates success, he encouraged them not to engage in any kind of cheating as it will attract severe penalties.

“I want to take this opportunity to wish those KCPE candidates who are now sitting for their rehearsals success and best wishes,” he stated.



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