20 amazing photos of Kenya by KoT #ShowObamaKenya #MagicalKenya


Itumbi photo

Kenya is a beautiful country. In spite of all our challenges, we can boost of unrivalled diversity. From the coast in Lamu, wildlife in Maasai Mara to the lake in Western Kenya, we have a rich country. Kenyans on Twitter captured and shared a snippet of this beauty after CNN prompted Kenyans to send photos that will #ShowObamaKenya.

Unfortunately, the cable network undid the efforts last night in a news interview that labeled Kenya a ‘hotbed of terror’. KoT have resuscitated the #SomeoneTellCNN castigating the network for the negative title. Well done! We have trended globally and CNN has changed the title. Here are the top 20 photos showing Kenya is a ‘hotbed’ of beauty. #MagicalKenya is also riding on the moment to promote the country’s unbelievable scenery.




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