Why Nigerian Star Falz the Bahd Guy left the courtroom for the stage

This past week we got to sit down with Falz the Bahd Guy as he jetted into the country for Coke Sudio Africa season 4. We got chatting about music, career highlights and being in a relationship with the songstress Simi.

C.C: Hello Falz. Is this your first time in Kenya?

FALZ: Yeah it is my first time in Kenya and in Nairobi.

C.C: How are you finding it so far in the country?

FALZ: It has been great and very interesting. I am loving the experience.

C.C. Favorite part so far?

FALZ: I really like the people but the weather though (laughs). It is so cold out here, it’s never this cold in Lagos but I am getting used to this.

C.C. First off, you did your law degree, got admitted to the Nigerian bar, practiced for two years then changed to music? How did that transition come about? Law to music.

FALZ: (LAUGHS) I know it is a very interesting switch but I have always been so passionate about music so it always going to happen. Even when I was studying to become a Lawyer, I kept doing music and at the right time I made the switch.

C.C. But your father is a senior advocate in Nigeria, how did he take the news?

FALZ: Funny enough he is a very liberal person so it was not very difficult explaining to him what I wanted to do. He was very understanding and he just encouraged me. Now both him and my mom are very proud parents.

C.C. That’s very good to hear but didn’t he want a like father like son situation?

FALZ: (LAUGHS) He definitely wanted that but when he realized that he could not have it, he accepted.

C.C. So far what’s the  highlight of your career?

FALZ: My career highlight has to be the BET award. It was huge for me because I didn’t expect it. Plus it was a viewers choice award so people had to vote for me to win it. I think it showed the sort of support there is for the brand and I really liked that.

C.C. After such a huge win, what next for Falz?

FALZ: Now I am trying to put out a lot more music. I want to do more collaborations with artists all over Africa, even artists from Kenya. In fact after being paired with Joh Makini for Coke Studio, I realized that he is the first non-Nigerian artist I have worked with.

C.C You seem to favor collaborations a lot in your music, why is that?

FALZ: I love the mixture of sounds and cultures. It all happens to bring out music much better than say if I did I it alone.

C.C. Speaking of which, your song with Simi was amazing! How did you come up with the concept especially for the video?

FALZ: Clarence Peters came to me with this idea that he had and wanted to work on, then I told him that I had the perfect track of it. Then from there we just worked together to shape the video around the song concept.

C.C. There have been news on the grapevine about you and Simi dating.

FALZ: (LAUGHS) Yeah I have heard that a couple of times. But those are just rumors. I am a single man. Very single.

C.C. Single and searching?

FALZ: Definitely, Kenyan ladies should beware.

C.C. Have you learnt any Swahili though?

FALZ: Not yet, but I really want to learn how to speak the language. I like the Swahili language and the way it blends into music, it’s sweet.

C.C. Okay that’s great. Since you brought it up what are your thoughts concerning the Kenya music industry.

FALZ: I have not listened to a lot of Kenyan music but I am familiar with Sauti Sol and Victoria Kimani. I like the stuff they are putting out there and I would want to listen to much more local stuff.

C.C. What about Coke Studio and your collaboration with Joh Makini? How is it so far?

FALZ: So far it is great. I think we are building a nice chemistry. We are really connecting on the level of we are both rappers. Yesterday we started working on our original song and we had a very similar to flow of ideas and creativity. So that shows that we are really connecting.

C.C. Is there a pressure for a top performance?

FALZ: There is no pressure. I think we are both up to the task. So the fans should expect us to deliver and kill it.

C.C. Thanks so much for sitting down to chat, enjoy your stay in the country and be sure to come back again.

FALZ: I definitely will. Thank you too for having me.

The interview was conducted by Capital Campus correspondent Munene Mwarania a former Daystar University student with a keen interest in the arts.

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