The 15 Best Rappers in Africa Right Now

Ladies and Gents, hip-hop heads, it’s about that time of the month you asked for it and it’s finally here. First off, We must state a few things about this list. Mainly, this is a list about the Best Rappers, and being the best rapper entails making the best rap music. We take rap skills into consideration, but our emphasis is on an artist’s overall contribution to culture. Secondly, this list can change at any moment based on new material. Some of the people on this list released albums this year and are on the upswing, while others are riding off a residual effect of past work. We are not claiming to be the ultimate authority in African rap, but we challenge anyone to come up with a better countdown, though we have tried to balance it out as much as we could. That said, here are the 15 Best Rappers in Africa.


With both albums on his catalog going Platinum, Cassper Nyovest has moved from being just a normal rapper in S.A who makes rap music, to a continental power house. His ingenuity in music and his constant feed of fresh music and hard work has well earned him this spot. You can see here for yourself.

2. AKA

It’s a tight race between AKA and Cassper. Many hip-hop heads will vouch for AKA over Cassper, but so will Cassper fans. We place AKA second not because he’s less talented lyrically, he probably is better than Cassper Nyovest, and his versatility in making huge records for Africa has been very consistent and it’s undeniable that he’s always fresh, but he ranks slightly behind Cassper because of  the impact made this year and churn of quality music and artist catalog.


If this list is solely based on talent, M.I Abaga would probably rank a lot higher, praising his versatility. But this isn’t about theoretical talent. It is about the actual music you put into the world, consistently. Which is to say, M.I simply hasn’t released enough music as of late to make us remember what we like about him so much

Since releasing ‘The chairman’, his main output has been featuring for friends. All good verses but nothing too spectacular. In order to maintain your spot here, you need to release something good every once in a while. Worth noting is his ‘Illegal music III’ mixtape. With quite a handful of nominations and awards to his name M.I is definitely deserving.

4. Sarkodie

The 2012 BET winner for best International act and ranked the 19th most influential personality in Ghana clearly affirms his position in this list. The rapper who managed to get Ace hood on his record has gone to become one of the best rappers produced in Africa.

5. M.anifest

This award winning Ghanaian rapper has been for the longest time representing Ghana’s scene. His contribution to culture in Ghanaian rap has been greatly felt all across. His music mostly fuses african drums and hints of chants and hums with his very wise lyrics about African domination and current situation of the continent.

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