The 15 Best Rappers in Africa Right Now


11. Xtatic

First Female emcee on this list, Xtatic who’s vocal ability still amazes to this day, has managed to maintain her level of lyrical reputation. Her muffled subtle voice and her ability to talk about her life in her music lets her sit comfortably on this list.

12. Navio

The Ugandan rapper has worked with widely acclaimed artists like Rnb singer Keith Sweat and R.kelly. Though not as active, he makes it to the list because of his wide recognition all over Africa and his influence and giving life to other Ugandan hip hop artists on the come up.

13. Kwesta

Still fresh from the release of  his 3rd studio album DAKAR III. Kwesta makes it to this list because of his constant relevance and contribution in Rap. Kwesta who’s deep baritone and slow rap flow tend to hypnotize you to a world that he creates, mostly flowing in isiZulu tends to focus on wisdom and touches of brogaddocio.

14. Phyno

He has moments when he clearly just shows off how good a rapper he is and sometimes mixes it up with popular Nigerian music. When he’s making Rap music, Phyno who mostly spits with his native language, though not understandable to most-has not just energy but has lyricism. With his last album being nominated 3 times including Best rap album across various music awards, Phyno is definitely worth it on this list.

15. MMchne

3 months after releasing his introductory mixtape ‘Initial state’, MMchne earlier this month set out to embark on a project called MMchne Good Fridays which saw him release a single every Friday which sort to get him heard. He makes it to this list because of the effort he puts into his music and the urge that he has to push and make better of himself and influence culture. His music borrows from the new age hip hop hard 808’s and use of samples. He’s definitely one to watch out for this year.

By Kevin Gitau

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