147 Croatian students lie down for 147 seconds in honor of #GarissaAttack


Zagreb University students commemorated the death of 147 students killed by Al Shabaab terrorists in Garissa on 2nd April. The 147 students lay outside the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb for 147 seconds.
The performance, which started at 14:07pm, aimed to highlight that the terror act in Garissa did not receive sufficient coverage in the international media.

“Exactly two weeks after that incident, we want to draw attention to the tragedy and student victims of terrorism in Kenya, sensitise the public and encourage a broader debate in the civil sector, public institutions and the academic community about the incident in Kenya and the context of the conflict in which this tragedy occurred,” said Mate Vuksic of the Zagreb University Students’ Union.

Studentski performans '147 sekundi za Keniju' ispred HNK

Source: Dalje.com



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