Student helps the faithful break their fast

It’s that time of year again when Muslim faithful gather and get into a time of prayer and worship. During  the time of Ramadhan it is important to share with family and friends, reflecting on one’s actions and working to towards better.

One post-graduate student from the University of London has been feeding the faithful during the month of Ramadan since 2011. Omar Salha, a PhD candidate created the program Ramadan Tent Project gave reasons why the project was essential during the holy month. On the website, it was published “Not everyone has the luxury to spend time with their loved ones if you are an international student in London, working in a new city or homeless with little food.”

“In the Islamic tradition, the holy month of Ramadan is primarily centered on family, fasting, charity and worship. Therefore Ramadan Tent Project was conceived and set-up principally to reach out and connect with communities across all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds, to join in the practice of charitable duties towards our family and our community at large.”

As the community continues to share and seek personal growth during the month of fasting; little acts of kindness make all the difference.

Ivy Mang'eli :Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development