14 year old ‘Modern Family’ star is a certified genius in real life

Nolan Gould star of hit show 'Modern Family'
Nolan Gould star of hit show ‘Modern Family’

On screen, Nolan Gould plays Luke Dunphy – a really dumb kid – on ABC’s hit TV series ‘Modern Family’. But the 14 year old is anything but dumb. Nolan is a certified genius and a member of the prestigious high IQ society Mensa International. He has an IQ of 150 and is already in college having skipped several classes in high school. Nolan is alive to the fact that he needs to invest in his education in spite his supposedly $70,000 (Sh6 million) per episode salary, according to Deadline.com. Yes, per episode in case you asked again.

Check out this video interview with Ellen.



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