The New Year Lie


How time flies! 2015 came and went, just like that. I’m actually glad it did, because I thought it would last forever. I had made a new year resolution to add weight in 2015, a sad story it turned out to be; not to mention that my friends who wanted to lose weight thought I was trying to insult them.

Well, it is a new year and the excitement is still in the air, apart from those who have to pay the price for overspending during the festive season. There’s room for improvement next year, anyway. Everyone around me is making changes and new decisions.  Many are the lies being spoken into the air in the name of resolutions. If I say I do not lie, I am a liar.  This year, I’ll start drinking 3 liters of water daily, stop browsing the net and get married (I mean to my resolutions). This makes me sound resolute, 2016 here I come!

It is a great thing to evaluate oneself and make adjustments. To learn from past mistakes and decide to do some things differently to become better;- what resolutions are all about. However, there’s a new year lie that goes around, I don’t know if it has ever reached your neighborhood yet. I don’t like gossip but feel this will be helpful if I share with you.

This lie makes it look like when it is a new year, everything automatically changes. It is not just a date change in the calendar, no. This is the time when you write down everything you want to happen in the course of the year. It is the time to speak positive things that you expect to come to you, and so forth. There’s some truth in the lie though, because what you did not do in the previous years, you can accomplish this year.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen.

The number of resolutions you have professed for the new year do not really count as much as the actions you will take. It is easier said than done. Wanting to be financially free this year, for instance, is just a desire. Financial freedom will come only when steps are taken into realizing the same. Good health, healthy relationships, self development, the list is endless. They will not come until you do something to make them real.

Change does not come with the new year, we make it happen. Start now. Keep doing it. Don’t wait for another new year to make resolutions, every day is actually new. There is no specific time for being better, the time is always now. Always work on you.

Pay no attention to the lie, make every day count and do have a great year; wont’ you?