11 character types on Twitter #TagATweep



1. Catfish survivors are those personalities preyed upon by seemingly innocent predators. There are many examples of catfish survivors that have stirred up the twitter sphere with the complex storylines and love stories, involving the unsuspecting prey being pounced on by one make-believe girl or another.

2. Comeback Kings are the tweeps who always have an apt reply even when faced with a barrage of attacks or when their fav team loses a game, they never say die. One reply silences many. They just unleash tweets that will have you wishing you didn’t even start with them.

3. Team Pepeta are instigators and inciters that love to set the twitter sphere on fire and watch it burn. They dance on the ashes that once were the hallowed grounds where prominent tweeps once ruled.

4. Chronic Retweeters are retweet happy. They will RT anything but rarely tweet original content. Maybe they relate with the tweets they RT or find it easier to hit that RT button. There is also the type that RT all their mentions, which can be a bit annoying if you follow them, but this ensures they remain relevant and always on your TL.

5. Curve survivors: It takes courage to get the attention of a girl. It takes even more courage to approach a girl on Twitter. Public rejection on the TL by a chic is the ultimate humiliation. The curve tweet will be RT ‘d by strangers and even by your pals. But there are a few tweeps who, in spite of the possibility of being curved, try their luck on the TL. Rejection is inevitable and when it does happen, one must just dust themselves off, and move on to the next one.

6. The PUNishers: Creative tweeps that are known for their wordplay and puns. If you are slow, the puns might just pass by.

7. Death by Meme: Why use words when you can create a meme faster than you can RT? Team memes get a lot of traction and are good at riding on trending topics.

8. The Victims are tweeps that are often the butt of all jokes and subarus. They are a source of entertainment content as subjects, but often take the jokes graciously. Some are witty and quick to make a laugh out of the situation in true Kenyan style.

9. Thirst trappers intentionally post suggestive pictures to attract comments and tweets from thirsty tweeps. It may be an innocent tweet, but it can be accompanied with selfie, just for emphases. Their ways may be subtle, but their objectives are clear, the sexier the pictures the more followers.

10. Team Followback are always on the hunt for a larger following by promising #FolloforFollow. The founders of this team have amassed an enviable following. You now can’t ignore them.

11. FlossMode crew will not pass an opportunity to tell the world the lavish life they are living, who they are hanging out with or their latest ride or label.



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