10-Year Old S.African builds robot


The future is definitely in technology and for 10-year old Karabo Matlali, her future is now. The South African girl who is in Grade 5 managed to build a moving robot on her own.The pre-teen has been learning to code since she was 6 years old and has managed to use that knowledge for innovation.

Karabo’s interest in coding grew when she was first introduced to computer programming studies by her parents. Since her first lesson, the protege’s understanding of Mathematics has also grown. Her understanding has surpassed expectations as it only took her 2 months to develop a robot.

Karabo Metlali’ s father is an electrical engineer while her mom runs a coding school which caters to underprivileged children. The 10-year-old girl is currently working on developing an app that is intended to deliver cakes quickly. When asked about coding, Karabo told PressReader, “Coding relaxes me. It allows me to escape from other thoughts in my head.”

PressReader reports that the robot is a Lego which means it’s more of a fun kind of machine. Karabo’s mother wants more kids to learn to code because it’s the program that is used in almost every technology we have today: from the user-interface on our smartphones, the bar codes used in websites that we visit.




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