10 of the strangest college degrees in the World


When it comes to education especially university education, all jokes fly out the window because this is your future. The fact that you spend four years on average in campus, and loads of cash in tuition and upkeep, automatically means your parents or sponsors see education as an investment.  Now, imagine you have the freedom to study anything you want, without thinking about money, career, and the future Imagine you can  study something just because you like it. What would you study? Here is a list of very special university degrees, they might sound silly, but there are actual students that graduated with these courses, having sat for exams, assignments, group work and all that pertains to degrees…

1. Packaging


Michigan State University

There is a degree program out there that teaches people how to package stuff. In fact, Michigan State University offers a bachelor, a Masters and a Ph.D in the art of packaging. The main function of the program is to educate students on how to create economically, environmentally and even esthetically sound packages. If you have ever struggled with packaging a gift, then this degree will guide you through a package friendly life.

Career paths: Packaging is everywhere you go. Movers require packaging, companies, schools etc if you think about it, almost everything you buy is packaged. So with a degree, I am sure there is a long and steady career ahead of you.



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