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10 of the most beautiful colleges in the U.S.


The college years are a time to discover interests, hone abilities, and develop skills necessary to make the transition to the “real world.” When it comes to selecting a private university, there are the obvious factors: student enrollment, diverse degree options, student life and activities, tuition, faculty and staff, etc. However, what about the learning environment? What does the campus and surrounding areas have to offer? Do the buildings exude a historical feel, quietly echoing the academic achievement of generations past? Is the campus somewhere students want to spend time?

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Here is a list of ten private schools that could be considered some of the most beautiful colleges in the country.

brwyn college

Bryn Mawr College: Nestled in the Pennsylvania countryside, this campus makes a distinctive impression on those who visit. The school’s Gothic architecture and castle-like buildings can transport you to another place and time. Bryn Mawr College is home to dorms built like palaces and academic buildings mimicking medieval fortresses. In addition to being famous for its architecture, the women’s liberal arts college is also known for having more than 3,600 trees on 135 acres. The school earned Arbor Day Foundation’s title of “2013 Tree Campus USA,” holding this honor for the last three years in a row.

Capital Campus
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