10 most beautiful campuses in the world


‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ so goes the saying. But there are places and buildings that just take away your breadth but just looking at them. We look at some campuses that arguably have beautiful and well-thought out buildings and grounds. Most of the information is based on Forbes own list of beautiful universities as compiled by top architects. However, beauty is subjective. Make your own judgment if these are really the most beautiful campuses.


1. The Kenyon College

Based in Ohio. This is one of the most beautiful universities in the world. It was established in 1824 making it a very old facility too. Bishop Philander Chase is the man behind the building of this facility. It is said Chase’s grand design had more in common with the estate of an English lord than with any other college university. He definitely outdid himself with the establishment of this institution. The university is surrounded by some of the tallest tress and it is based in an area that enjoys cool subtle climate.



2. The Oxford University

As one of the most prestigious universities based in England, Oxford University has a rich heritage dating back to 1737 when it was just a science building. The British style and culture is visibly evident in the campus. With its labyrinth of quads, cloisters, and archways, it evokes elegance and tradition at every turn. “Its monastic roots and the spectacular quality of its buildings make it an architectural wonderland,” says David Mayernik, associate professor at Notre Dame’s School of Architecture. If I may so myself, the institution resembles a roman empire!




3. The Princeton University

Located in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey, the campus is famous for its stone ivy buildings with preservation of the green environment. The Ivy League university is also known to have one of the most beautiful art museums. Sinuous footpaths, archways, plazas–all are designed to inspire spontaneous discussion and learning.



4. The Scripps College

Founded in the 1920’s as an institution dedicated to educating women, the university is surrounded by a variety of trees like orange trees and tulip trees with trout planted rows of liquid amber that gives the students a cool sense of autumn.



5. The Stanford University

On October 1st 1891, Stanford opened its doors to students. The Campus has this dramatic entrance via the Palm Drive with romantic red tiled roofs and myriad patches of green.  It has beautiful yet unique artistic designs that make it look like an Old Grecian Palace.  The university also has scenery that will blow your mind away with an evergreen environment surrounding it.





  • So pleased that Cape Town University didn’t make the list. It was on one list because it has some big boulders behind it! I was never bewitched by Cape Town. There are so many more beautiful places in the world.

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