10 habits men MUST avoid in 2015



1. If a woman doesn’t exhibit some interest in your advances, please quit pestering her. Stop with the “Why haven’t you replied my text yet you’re online” kind of nonsense. The un-replied texts, blue Whatsapp ticks and missed calls should have been proper indication of her lack of interest in you, but it seems some men suffer from chronic “insistiosis” syndrome. Learn to let go. Besides, there are millions of women out there; surely, one will like you back.

2. Learn to deal with REJECTION. Most men do not know how to deal with rejection from a woman. I don’t know if it’s their egos or just serious mummy issues. Most become are offended when a woman rejects or breaks up with them without good reason. They become vile and abusive for no reason. Well, life is not fair mister. Accept and move on. A woman does not need to issue a 5000 press statements to explain why she just doesn’t want you in her life. Kubaki matokeo

3. Taking your woman on cheap dates: if you can’t afford a decent date, get creative and cook her tasty home-made meal. I’m sure she’d prefer that to being taken to some restaurant to take fries with soda. Nothing is worse than being taken out on a budget or to some dingy place with sweaty waiters.

4. Snapbacks, skinny jeans and flashy tees. Unless you’re a Deejay, Rapper , Hip-hop artist or High school kid, please leave this dress code in 2014. Especially if you’re above 21 years old. I don’t need to explain this, but it’s childish really.

5. Trolling and insulting women on social media. I don’t know what kind of daddy or mummy issues would drive a man to insult a woman that they barely know on social media. It seems fun and all to troll but women see, and they judge. Only cowardly men insult women. I’m sure your mothers taught you better. Leave this Neanderthal behaviour in 2014.



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