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How cryptocurrency prove to be an escape from poverty

Despite doubts at the onset of blockchain technology, cyptocurrency has emerged a a savior in financial crisis, the recent being the coronavirus-triggered meltdown.

Ending poverty has been a major concern of the government for ages but unfortunately, nothing could seem to be helpful to provide an escape from poverty lately. In such critical times, the sky-rocketing prices of many popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple X changes made a great impact on the financial positions globally.

This goal of escaping poverty also helped cryptocurrency not only stay but also efficiently compete with traditional money-making sources. From the third world, under-developing countries to the highly developed countries, cryptocurrency has not left any stone unturned for one to get out of the rat race and be financially independent in whatever circumstance.

Poverty is the worst form of living but unfortunately, more than half of the world’s population today is poor. With the negligible downsides of cryptocurrency, this underlying blockchain technology with its latest technology, utmost efficiency, and high security acquired excellent preference of investors globally.

Economic Growth and Cryptocurrency

A steady economic growth holds immense importance in order to free a country from the slavery of everything that becomes the barrier in a financially-progressive development. The idea of considering banks, money lenders, real estate are either too expensive to pay off or slow especially when you are just on the verge of your retirement plan or swirled up in any urgency.

In this regard, the arrival of cryptocurrency relieved the major stress of third-party interference or any middlemen in the case of local money lenders that do nothing but take money out of your pocket. As a result, you’re left with nothing and reached a state from where investing seems a big no to you.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency works by a decentralized database that makes sure if your every penny is being invested in worthy causes and will get back to you with a huge ROI. To track your progress, you can use platforms like bitcoin future.

Cryptocurrency Price Values

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It is not far when cryptocurrency was just believed to be a pastime for investors in stocking up their money. At that time, the average price value of nearly every cryptocurrency was hardly some cents, and winning little cents or losing them didn’t even matter then.

Not a matter of surprise that today the first largest and profitable cryptocurrency bitcoin has crossed the market capitalization of $1 trillion with predictions to rise more. Whereas, Ethereum is the second, block-based technology cryptocurrency that hit up to the market capitalization of over $18 billion.

In the light of these examples, it’s not too hard to evaluate the profit percentages of trading cryptocurrency and obtaining huge, incredible profits with only investing a small capital in the right deal.

Reliability of the Cryptocurrency 

You might be surprised to know that about 2.5 billion individuals around the world don’t own a bank account. Having an incomplete identity, lack of confidence, or poor credit history stops you from making a bank account and asking for any kind of loan approval from it.

In the light of these statements, the cryptocurrency with its blockchain technology declared that owning crypto, trading it, or making profits out of it does not require any proof of identification from both ends.

This amazing advantage also allowed overseas transactions where the crypto user may not have a proper identification but can still trade at the solace of home everywhere around the world.


While investing in cryptocurrency looks like an ideal option to you, don’t ignore the fact that it is also one of the major volatile eco-systems present today. Escaping from poverty can be achieved by utilizing cryptocurrency effectively and making profits from it with the right tip and techniques.

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