EPRA lauds companies for implementing energy saving initiatives

October 23, 2019 (4 weeks ago)
Other companies that have been issued with certificates under the Energy Management Regulations 2012 include BAT, Mombasa Cement, Saj Ceramics, Kapa Oil refineries and Kisima flowers/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 23–The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has lauded companies for implementing energy saving initiatives saying they will go a long way into boosting the economy.

Speaking after awarding Iberafrica Power (EA) Limited and Tata Chemicals Magadi Limited with the Energy Management Certificate, EPRA Director General Robert Oimeke urged everyone to emulate the two firms by ensuring they consume energy efficiently.

The certificate is a recognition of efforts that organizations have put in place to comply with the Energy Management Regulations 2012 and to save energy in their operations.

“EPRA remains supportive of the energy sector, ensuring the creation of a conducive environment where all stakeholders will play their rightful role in improving people’s lives through efficient and affordable sources of energy,” he assured.

Omieke emphasized the need for individual efforts in saving energy that cumulatively go a long way into boosting our economy.

“Improved efficiency in production leads to reduced costs of production hence reduced cost of commodities,” he said.

EPRA has established a successor to the Energy Regulatory Commission under the energy act 2019 which expands mandate of regulation of upstream petroleum and coal.

The regulations require that companies carry out energy audits, implement the audit recommendations and save at least 50 percent of the recommended energy savings.

It further requires companies to formulate an energy policy and communicate employees to keep records for energy consumption for the past three years and appoint an energy Manager within the company.

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