A day at the Emirates cabin crew training college

May 15, 2019


In Nairobi, Emirates cabin crew are best known for their trademark light brown suits and red hats complemented by red lips. Those who have had the pleasure of flying with Emirates have experienced their warm hospitality along all routes.

However, during our recent trip to the Emirates Cabin Crew Training College we found out that there is more than meets the eye in becoming an Emirates airline brand ambassador.

1. Induction
All new trainees ‘ab initio’ go through an eight days training where their supervisors share with them how they can easily adapt to the training centre.

2. Safety and emergency procedure
The trainees undertake thirteen days training on how to manage safety and emergency procedures. The trainings take place in full motion simulations of a Boeing 777 and Airbus A340 plus that, the simulators makes the scenarios more realistic using sights and sounds as it would be on an actual trip to a particular destination.

3. Group medical training
For the next five days, the trainees are taken though how to confidently handle any medical incident on-board. In the absence of a doctor on board, the trainees are taught how to administer CPR, stop bleeding, and perform an emergency childbirth among other scenarios.

4. Security
In two days, all trainees are provided with guidelines, skills and techniques to help them prevent and manage inflight unlawful interference including use of self-defence.

5. Image and uniform
In a day, all trainees – women and men – undergo training on image, which covers many topics including makeup and grooming. The reason we vividly remember the Emirates cabin crew is that they are trained on which shade of red to use that would match the red hat. It is important for all crew on duty to have natural makeup on, red lipstick, eye makeup and blush. The crew also has a range of nude, pink and red nail polish that they can pick from. Each crew member has two sets of shoes they can wear: heals are worn at the airport and when boarding while red flats are worn during service and inflight. All cabin crew are provided with a set of the two pairs to ensure uniformity.

6. Service
In a day, the cabin crew go through service training on how to attend to the three different classes’ right from serving meals, to the selling duty free items. For dining, the crew is taught how to ensure First Class passengers enjoy their five course meals served at different times as opposed to the Business Class and Economy Class which have the ‘three-meals-one-tray’ format.

To date, Emirates has over 22,000 cabin crew and 4,000 pilots recruited from 135 countries and speaking more than 55 languages. All cabin crew, pilots and ground staff are trained at the Emirates Aviation College Cabin Crew Training.

*Fun fact: Did you know that every year each Emirates cabin crew member goes through a refresher training and evaluation before they resume back to work?

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