NTSA fines and penalties for traffic offences

November 2, 2018
NTSA can now introduce instant fines ranging between Sh500 and Sh10,000/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 2 – The National Transport Safety Authority announced new fines and measures to curb road accidents and instill discipline in the sector. 

It will be risky for you to drive on Kenyan roads without having a car insurance. So you need to get your car insured by an insurance company.

Here is a compilation of NTSA Fines and Penalties For Traffic Offences in Kenya.

  • Penalties for a PSV driver in an undesignated vehicle

According to the Traffic Law 130C(1)) and (3) states that any person driving a PSV vehicle without being the designated driver of the vehicle, he or she will be fined SH5,000 for transgression.

  • Penalties for Vehicles without Number Plate.

As a driver, you are required to drive a vehicle with a number plate that has been fixed correctly or else you will be fined Sh10,000

  • Penalties for causing obstruction on road

When you inconvenience other drivers and motorists by causing an obstruction on the road, you will be fined Sh10,000

  • Penalties for not carrying lifesavers

According to Kenya Traffic Rule 56, states that PSV’s must comply to have a lifesaver and fire extinguisher installed, failure to do so, you will face a fine of Sh2000.

  • Penalties for use of mobile phone when driving

Are you fond of using your handset when driving? Making calls or even texting while driving will put you on the wrong side of the law. This kind of traffic offence will cause you to be fined a fee of Sh2,000.

  • Penalties for learners without L sign

So you want to learn how to drive, make sure you drive with a vehicle that has L sign or else, this will attract a fine of Sh1,000.

  • Penalties for seat belts not fastened.

According to NTSA Traffic Rule 22A(1) and (2), for a PSV car without a seats belts installed, the owner of the vehicle suffers the consequences of paying Sh1,000 for each seat without a safety belt.

As a passenger, you must comply with the NTSA Traffic Law by wearing the safety belt at all times when in a journey, failure to do so, it will attract a fine of Sh500.

  • Penalties for driving vehicle without car insurance.

It is compulsory to insure your vehicle in Kenya. Driving a car without insurance will attract a penalty of Sh10,000 or jail term.  

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