Actor Ken Ambani explains why Posta is venturing in clearing and forwarding

November 1, 2018
Postal Corporation of Kenya Coast Regional Manager Kenneth Ambani said the corporation will commission their warehouse stationed at Berth No.1 inside the port of Mombasa.

, MOMBASA, Kenya, Nov 1 – Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) is now getting into clearing and forwarding of cargo at the port of Mombasa in a new strategy to bounce back into the business, Coast Regional Manager Kenneth Ambani has said.

PCK almost collapsed after mailing services went down with the coming of the new technology, especially mobile phones.

Ambani, who is also an accomplished actor, said the corporation will on November 21 commission their warehouse stationed at Berth No.1 inside the port of Mombasa.

He said the warehouse has been in place since the establishment of the port of Mombasa and was being used to receive international mails coming to Kenya via the port.

“We have sat down as an organisation and the strategic way of moving forward is to now get into clearing and forwarding business,” said Ambani.

Ambani said PCK got the clearing and forwarding license from the national government three years ago

“We have been doing it (clearing and forwarding) at a very minimal level, but now we want Kenyans to know that Postal Corporation of Kenya has the mandate to do clearing and forwarding,” he said.

“Currently, we are clearing for several organizations including National Oil Corporation of Kenya, Central Bank of Kenya and other several government agencies and private individuals.”

PCK has three different departments; the Mails department, Courier Services and now the Clearing and Forwarding Department.

He the Postal Corporation will also start an extensive campaign on its courier and mailing services to compete with the companies that have been transporting parcels for Kenyans, especially bus companies.

“We have offices throughout the country. It is very much secure to send your parcel via Posta, therefore Kenyans should take advantage of this because we give them a 24-hour maximum time as an assurance to get their parcels,” he said.

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