KQ managers need space and time to turnaround airline – Quest

October 23, 2018
Quest said Kenya Airways fleet and route expansion plan is a step in the right direction.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 23 – Kenya Airways will only recover and soar if the management is given the space to run the airline without interference.

CNN Business Anchor Richard Quest, who will be flying from Nairobi to New York in KQ’s inaugural direct flight to the US on Oct 28, says the Government needs to provide the right support for the national carrier.

“Chief Executive Sebastian Mikosz knows exactly what needs to be done. Whether he will be given the investment, the support and be allowed to get on with the job is the real question,” Quest told Capital in the Morning co-host Makbul Mohammed.

Mikosz took over as Managing Director of Kenya Airways in May 2017 as part of efforts to rescue the airline that had been sinking deeper in the loss-making territory.

The airline, however, halved its loss last year from the Sh26.2 billion it posted in 2016 to Sh10.2 billion in 2017.

Mikosz and KQ’s Chairman Michael Joseph have in the past implored the Government to give Kenya Airways a level playing field to compete with regional and international airlines that receive preferential treatment in their respective countries.

Quest, who confessed his love for planes and the airline industry, said Kenya Airways fleet and route expansion plan is a step in the right direction.

“Kenya Airways is turning itself around, new routes, new planes, new management, new style. You need to be proud to see the pride of Africa flying,” said Quest.

Quest, host of CNN’s flagship international business programme – Quest Means Business – is set to join 469 passengers flying KQ to New York in the fastest connection from Nairobi to the US, with 15 hours duration eastbound and 14 hours westbound.

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