VIDEO: Cerebral Palsy hasn’t stopped Kenyan girl from being a DJ


NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 6 – 25 -year-old Winnie Wanjiku has Cerebral Palsy, a condition that affects the movement of limbs.

But that has not stopped her from pursuing her dream of being an international DJ.

“My dream is to become an international DJ and play in big festivals,” she said during an Interview with Capital Business.

Her teacher, DJ Splash, says she is a fast learner.

“Within two weeks, she was good, she is received well at the gigs we go to. She has potential to go far, and she has taught me that disability is not inability,” DJ Splash told Capital Business.

The road to DJ school has been long and rough for  Wanjiku, who is the third-born in a family of four.

Her Mother, Rosemary Njoki says it wasn’t easy bringing her up due to her condition coupled with being a single mother.

“My daughter went to primary and Secondary School in special schools. She is a genius and has a hunger to be somebody in the society. She already has a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality,” said Njoki.

“However, she is passionate about music and has been ever since she was little. You could see her lighten up and node her head with excitement,” Njoki explains.

Her interest in music grew over time but Njoki makes an appeal for well-wishers to sponsor her daughter to get a turntable.

“After her Diploma, I enrolled her for the DJ course and it was easy for her. I believe she will earn a living from it, but she needs a DJ turntable which I can’t afford,” she said.

Reporter: @KangetheNjoroge

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