Contaminated or not? Kenyans divided about domestic sugar consumption

Tonnes of contraband sugar have been confiscated and destroyed by authorities in an effort to clean the market of illicit sugar/file

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul, 20 – As the final report by the Joint Committee probing the proliferation of contraband sugar in the country is due on Tuesday, Kenyans have found themselves in a dilemma on whether to consume sugar or not.

Capital FM News sampled different views and according to Antony Nduati a businessman in Nairobi, the report will not change anything.

“You know sometimes you cannot control what happens and all you need is to just put your trust in God. I am still taking sugar and I have even told my wife and children to use more milk and sugar while making tea,” said Nduati.

Eunice Mutua, a student at the University of Nairobi, pointed out that it was too late to stop consuming sugar.

“I am still taking sugar and I will continue because stopping now will make no difference unless they bring another consignment of sugar. However it will not dilute all the mercury we have consumed if at all it is there,” she said.

Leonard Munyi a Nairobi city council officer had a different view and blamed the Kanini Kega (MP Kieni) led the committee for taking long in letting Kenyans know if the sugar they are consuming is safe or not.

“It is like we have been consuming all these impurities all along because even the sugarcane has chemicals and to be honest the committee is taking long to tell us the truth. We still don’t know if we can continue taking this sugar or not it is really devastating,” expressed Munyi.

The Joint Committee has been investigating the sugar saga for a month now with different witnesses appearing before it but it has not been clearly substantiated if the sugar has mercury as it was alleged by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi.