APA Insurance wins six awards at the 2018 Insurance Awards

July 24, 2018


NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 24 – The 2018 Annual Insurance Awards saw APA Insurance win six top awards, scooping three overall winners’ positions, two 1strunners up positions and one 2nd runner-up position.

APA Insurance took the overall winner awards in three main categories including Fraud Detection and Prevention, Best in product Distribution and Marketing and Best in Customer Satisfaction (Medical).

They also received the first runner-up in Customer Service and in Claim Settlement (General) and second runner-up in Corporate Social Responsibility.

“We are honoured to have won all these prestigious awards and I congratulate the entire APA team for continuing to make our company shine.  The awards validate our company’s focus on excellent service, marketing and being socially active.” said Ashok Shah, The Apollo Group CEO.

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