Centum CEO James Mworia: Developing leaders, difficult decisions and failing

"You can delegate a lot of things, but you cannot delegate leadership," Mworia.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 31 – In this last part of our interview with James Mworia, the Centum CEO reveals his leadership style and how that has evolved over the 10 years he has overseen the company’s 10-fold growth in the workforce to over 100 employees.

Mworia admits that the difficult decisions are mostly people related when he has to let go of non-performing employees.

“The business decisions are hard-fact decisions, so these ones are not too hard to make.”

He also talks about the regrets in his career, but ever the optimist, he sees a silver lining in every cloud.

“There is learning in everything…but for me, I am not afraid of making mistakes. I am more afraid of doing nothing and losing an opportunity because of indecision.”

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