Lake Victoria to be extinct in 50 years if urgent action not taken – Nyong’o

February 17, 2018


KISUMU, Kenya, Feb 17 – Kisumu Governor, Anyang Nyong’o, has urged East African countries to urgently address environmental concerns that threaten the existence of Lake Victoria.

Quoting a recent report discussed in the EU headquarters, Nyong’o says Lake Victoria faces extinction in the next 50 years if no action is taken against environmental degradation.

“This means the Lake Basin Commission has an urgent work to do to come up with an action plan that will make it possible for us to save the lake as early as possible,” said Nyong’o while meeting East Africa Legislative Assembly members in Kisumu.

Nyong’o says the countries sharing the resource must act fast and decisively, urging the Lake Victoria Basin Commission to come up with an urgent action plan to save the lake.

“In the meantime, we must make sure we use the resources in the lake in a sustainable way.”

The Governor noted that maritime transport has not been fully embraced by the EAC member states to spur trade and movement of people across the region.


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