Start the New Year Right #AskKirubi

January 24, 2018


Happy new year my dear friends! Once again we usher in yet another year.  I believe that this is a great opportunity to have a fresh start to better yourself.

One of the things that I do at the start of each year is to sit back and look at the goals that I had set for myself the previous year. Did I achieve them? If not, where was the hitch? Where did I go wrong? These are some of the questions I ask myself as I go back to the drawing board and do things differently.

I know a number of you do the same and I would urge you not to give up if your goal didn’t materialize. Analyze where the hitch was and start over.  It is never too late to try once more.

As you start off the year remember to learn from your mistakes. To move forward in life, you have to try as much as possible to avoid making the same mistakes twice. We are prone to make errors from time to time, but we must be keen enough to heed the lessons. You have no business repeating a mistake that you did last year today. Learn and move forward.

Since the old is gone, try as much as possible to focus on new opportunities. Think about the future of your career or business, what are the new openings in your area of specialization? What do you want to achieve more in your professional or personal life? By knowing this my dear friends, you will be well equipped and ready to tap into the chances as they come.

Additionally, this year remember to manage your finances well. Try as much as possible to live within your means at all costs. Save up and look for ventures that can help you multiply your money. Be wise and take measures that will ease your burden financially as you begin the year. Do your maths and make your money work for you.

As you do all these things, remember to keep a positive outlook on life at all times. As we all know, positive thoughts always beget positive outcomes. Surround yourself with peers and colleagues who are always positive and add value to your life. Choose friends who will help you achieve your goals. Make a decision to remain positive today and throughout the year.

Finally, my dear friends, let’s remember that each year is a clean canvas to write on. It presents to us a new journey, new opportunity to get our lives in order. Let’s get it right as individuals and as a nation. We lost a lot of time, resources and opportunities last year as we were sorting our political issues. We now have no time to waste and we have to put in the necessary efforts to build our national economy.

Everyone’s effort is needed to make Kenya great. Let’s get to work with pride and passion whatsoever the type of jobs we do. Go out there and do your best. Strive to find meaning in the work that you do.  Step out of your comfort zone and dare to achieve your dreams. Be bold enough to make the necessary changes to better yourself and others around you.

2017 is long gone. Wishing you the best chapter yet in the New Year 2018. Stick to your goals and keep working on your dreams as the best is yet to come.

Keep it #AskKirubi

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