Savannah Cement, NCA renew commitment to boost building standards

November 30, 2017
Savannah Cement Central Control room operator Edward Muatha takes through various contractors the operations of his office during a site.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 30 – Savannah Cement and the National Construction Authority (NCA) have renewed a joint commitment to enhance building and construction standards in Kenya.

Savannah Cement Managing Director, Ronald Ndegwa said the firm will provide technical training opportunities and continuous professional development platforms for workers in the building and construction sector seeking NCA accreditation or already accredited by the sector regulator.

At a joint anniversary celebration with the NCA, over 100 masons received special training conducted by Savannah and have been awarded accreditation cards by NCA. The group brings to 10,000 the number of masons trained by Savannah Cement in the last five years.

“Recently, the two organizations agreed to have all masons trained by Savannah Cement issued with NCA accreditation cards and we are really humbled by this recognition since it reflects the quality of masons who graduate from our training program. Savannah Cement has committed to absorb the costs associated with the accreditation thus easing the burden on the masons.” Ndegwa added.

Flanked by the NCA Chairman, Steven Oundo, the Savannah Cement boss said the training programme is part of the firm’s commitment to raise fundamental technical skills awareness among the local masons. The mason training initiative is a critical contribution to the National Construction Authority’s target to train and accredit 300,000 masons every year.

“This public-private partnership fits in very well with our commitment to accredit 1.5 million artisans within the next three years and we look forward to enhancing the collaboration,” said Oundo.

Accreditation is the Authority’s process of issuing a practicing license to all qualified construction workers, a requirement under the law.

Established in 2012, Savannah Cement has progressively cemented its growth foundation in the local and regional market.

“Savannah Cement and NCA share an inception year and we are re-dedicating ourselves to growing the delivery capacity of building and construction players at all levels as a tribute to their continued support,” Ndegwa said and added, “In conjunction with the NCA, at Savannah Cement, we are working closely with Building contractors and the allied professionals such as Civil Engineers and Architects to drive technical alignment.”

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