Supreme Court ruling lags football, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy in Kenya Google trends

September 26, 2017


NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 26 – Kenyans were more interested in football than the Supreme Court ruling going by the Google search trends released by the search engine giant.

The two most searched terms in the week the Supreme Court judges gave their ruling on the presidential petition were the English Premier League and a match between Arsenal and Doncaster.

The Supreme Court ruling was the fourth most Googled phrase after Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy – a reality TV star related to the Kardashians.

Other popular terms between September 17th and 24th include Supreme Court Judges David Maraga and Njoki Ndungu.

Tanzanian socialite Zari Hassan was seventh most searched term ahead of Uhuru Kenyatta and footballer Diego Costa.

Hassan finally spoke out her husband’s – Diamond Platinumz – infidelity after the music sensation admitted to siring video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto’s son, during a live TV interview last week.

Kenyans also took to the internet to search for hornets after a swarm of bees attacked journalists, policemen and civilians outside the Supreme Court.

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