OLX new verified cars category to boost safety for car buyers

September 14, 2017


NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 13 – OLX has introduced a new car category – verified cars – to boost the safety of buyers looking for cars on their site. Cars in this category now have verified badges ascertaining that they have been verified by OLX.

In this new category, OLX is getting more involved in the transaction by having the buyer purchase cars on their site through vehicle experts directly attached to OLX. Payment is also made to OLX by the buyer upon satisfaction.

“Our new verified cars category is a further step to ensuring that car buyers are guaranteed of safety when buying cars in our platform. It is very different from our normal vehicles category in that, a buyer is now able to buy cars that have been checked and verified by OLX car experts before being uploaded to our site,” Peter Ndiang’ui, OLX Country Manager, explains.

Buyers in this category will also be required to wire money directly to OLX once satisfied with the car to ensure maximum safety when paying.

OLX, in a bid to encourage buyers who wish to buy fully financed cars, will also be providing asset financing, inspection and insurance for car offers made in the verified cars category through partnerships they’re set to enter.

“Majority of interested car buyers in our site as we noticed, are interested in buying cars on OLX, however, they do not have money to do so immediately. We would like to tap in to this bracket of buyers and so we will soon be entering in to partnerships with financial and insurance companies to cater to these buyers.” Mr. Peter Ndiang’ui, OLX country manager added.

Buyers will also be assisted by car experts known as champs to buy the car and ensure ownership moves to them safely and seamlessly.

OLX is getting more involved in online transactions through payments and OLX car experts to keep their users safe when transacting on their platform. Recently, OLX launched a premium car service “Sell It For Me” that will see sellers pay a fee of Sh2000 to have an OLX champ sell cars on their behalf.

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