LG introduces efficient, energy saving microwave

August 3, 2017
LG Electronics’ East Africa Product Manager-Home Appliances Mr. Hangsuk Song with Chef Raphael during the launch of the LG microwave NeoChef

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 4 – LG Electronics has introduced in the Kenyan market a new energy and time-saving microwave oven that provides a variety of cooking options.

LG’s NeoChef is a new Smart Inverter Technology microwave oven that has been enhanced for better, faster, more efficient cooking performance while saving time and conserving energy. It has been designed to efficiently work as a chef in the kitchen

“As the name suggests, there’s no cooking job that this microwave cannot handle including baking, frying, grilling as well as warming and even defrosting of foods”, said Mr. Janghoon Chung, Managing Director, East and Central Africa. He was speaking during an event to formally launch the product in Kenya held at the company’s regional headquarters in Nairobi.

The new appliance uses linear power control between 300 to 1,200 watts to evenly cook or defrost food all the way through while the Smart Inverter preserves nutrients. Additionally, its 1200-watt maximum power output gives it the ability to cook dishes more quickly than conventional models.

“From delicately fermenting yoghurt, to melting chocolate, to popping corn, the LG Inverter microwave is a versatile cooking solution. With just one appliance, the NeoChef microwave oven, our customers can bake, warm, fry, defrost and cook,” added Chung.

The microwave which will help consumers prepare food in a simple, fast and efficient way, has a sleek modern design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is set to introduce a touch of class to the modern kitchen.

“Families are on-the-go more than ever and the LG NeoChef can help consumers prepare food in a simple, fast and efficient way,” he continued.

For a long time, many have longed for the future of tech-enhanced cooking where appliances can simplify enhance their lives and save their energy by providing a personalized solution to all their kitchen related needs.

“While the frequency of cooking at home is declining, research indicates that families are looking for ways to save time in their own kitchens. The thought of dinner cooking itself as people watch TV in the other room certainly sounds appealing,” concluded Chung.

NeoChef Microwave Oven has Inverter Technology that has enhanced it for better, faster, more efficient cooking performance while saving time and conserving energy at the same time

This new range of microwave ovens, which number 8 models in total across the portfolio, are available in all LG retail stores and hypermarkets across the country. They will retail from between Shs18,000 to Shs49,000

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