Ask Kirubi: Buy Kenya; Build Kenya

August 18, 2017

, Who has the great honor of building a nation? Isn’t it the people? Aren’t we the work force behind the great opportunities and industries that play a vital role to the growth of the economy?

Well, we are. Our leaders steer the nation but it’s up to us to build the nation we want. No matter how small a role you play, everyone’s contribution to building Kenya is necessary. Without our farmers and ‘mama mbogas’, who would feed us? Who would ensure majority have energy to continue building structures that house the most lucrative companies?

As our County Government leaders get to work, it is important for us to encourage them to develop the various industries we need to grow our economies. We need to look into reviving our sugar and cotton industries that were once booming. Industries that will help empower communities that live in those areas, foster wealth creation and make us proud of our own produce.

However, we need to establish these industries from a point of knowledge. Analyze operations of current industries; look at the challenges faced by those that shut down; seek the help of local technocrats highly respected in their fields and work together to develop the counties.

Create industries and a thriving business environment for the people to build businesses that meet the needs of the people. Invest in technology, new methods of farming, energy, water conservation and other areas that will ensure you create a sustainable environment for businesses and in general, industrialization.

For us to industrialize as a country, we need to build our manufacturing industry and encourage the local production of goods. And the only way we can keep this constant is if there is a high demand for the produce locally. Can we commit ourselves to supporting our local produce? Can we task our producers with the responsibility of producing quality finished products for the local and regional markets?

It’s my hope that we will be more patriotic to the cause of buying locally produced goods so that we build Kenya; that we will support the growth of our industries so that development occurs across counties alleviating poverty. I am sure this is the Kenya we all wish for but it’s up to us to do something about it. Let’s be responsible and make it simpler for our leaders to govern us. You may not have been a keen supporter of your current county leader(s) but at the end of the day, they are your leader(s). Support them. Let us ensure that as they clean and build our cities, we are not quick to destroy them by littering or disrupting development.

I hope that in the next 5 years we do get it right as we look to the continuous development and industrialization of our nation Kenya.

Let’s buy Kenya in the hope of building Kenya.

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